What DO girls like??

I loved the letter my witty and careful SIL wrote to her 7 year old son this morning after realizing the import of his “What do girls like” question.  I thought it too good to keep to myself!

My dear sweet Son,

Last night you asked me what girls like, and though I gave you a few pointers I wanted to write down the important things so you’d have them to look back on. So, what do girls like?  First its important to understand that girls-all girls-will always be confusing to you.  Even the one you marry.  That’s normal.  A lot of times girls are moody, bossy, and maybe even a bit grumpy.  And this may sound funny, but that is when she needs you to be the nicest to her.  Its called being understanding, and it is very important.

As for what they like, girls like to feel special.  Anything you can do to make her feel special is good.  I knew your daddy was the one for me because he always makes me feel like the prettiest, smartest, funniest, sweetest girl in the whole world.  There are a lot of things you can do to let a girl know she is special to you-here are some of them:

  • Write her notes
  • Draw her pictures
  • Pick her flowers
  • Tell her she looks prettyAnother important thing girls like is-girls like you to care for them.  Girls like boys who want to help them.  Even the bossy girls like to feel taken care of.  Things you can do to show a girl you want to help her are:
  • Offer to carry her books
  • Pull out her chair for her
  • Open doors for her and let her walk through first
  • When you are older help your wife with choresThis step sounds like a lot of work, but you will find out that when you are with the person you really love you want to help them.

    The most important thing is to be who you are.  Just be you.  You are funny, handsome, very smart, and you have a great big heart.  God has made a special girl just for you.  She will be your wife someday.  You will probably meet a lot of girls while you are trying to find her.  You will know you you’ve found her when she loves all the pieces that make up who you are.  And I must say, she is a very lucky girl because you are absolutely wonderful.

    I plan on sharing her letter at the bain home for boys tonight, because sometimes basic, simple reminders are the best!