Happy Ash Wednesday?

Would you greet people like this if your Lenten practice centered you – every day for the next 6 weeks – on God’s love?

Here’s how I’m entering Lent: Tired. Whipped. Worn out. The last two months have steam-rolled me flat. So, I’m entering Lent with a healthy dose of realism. I will not be able to give up chocolate or wine or run and pray every day and I really don’t think God cares about all my posturing anyway. What I do beleive He cares about is my heart.

I’ve decided I’ll begin there: at the Center of who I am. And if I feel like abstaining from something for a day or a week I might. But I might not. My ‘sacrifice’ this year will be simple. I’m giving up Do-ing and trading it in for Be-ing.

I simply want to savor the Love that’s alive in my ordinary-trying-hard-to figure-it-out life. I want a space to be reminded everyday that He is loving me right. where. I am.

To quote my most wise sister – Being with someone, soaking up their love is doing something.

Happy Ash Wednesday, indeed!