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This fall is for Family

The colorful, inviting signs are up on every corner. The push is on. To join. And participate. To get on some/any ball team. After discussing possible options, Mainbain and I decided that this fall is just for family. While we had a wonderfully fun and full baseball season, I felt my tail feathers dragging at […]

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Better Day’s

A mere 730 days ago the mainbain and I were considering the D-word. I wouldn’t have considered a picture like this possible.  We had both come to the end of ourselves and couldn’t get around the enormous road-block that presented itself in our path.   The good news about coming to the end of myself […]

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The big boys (I think everybody with more than 2 kids has a line between the big ones and the little ones) have spent the last week carefully constructing a hay fort in the barn loft. They are quite particular in the building process, upgrading minute details every day. One day they changed it so […]