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Better Day’s


A mere 730 days ago the mainbain and I were considering the D-word. I wouldn’t have considered a picture like this possible.  We had both come to the end of ourselves and couldn’t get around the enormous road-block that presented itself in our path.


The good news about coming to the end of myself and admitting it was this: I could actually ask for help. I could actually get the help fear had kept me from admitting I needed.  I could articulate how depressed and overwhelmed I was with life. I could re-start the journey of becoming who I was created to be. My Faith could grow and ebb and grow some more until the idea of a mustard seed wasn’t so far fetched. Gratitude can became a regular practice and I could feel the miracle in looking forward to a new day.

The moment he serenaded me last night in front of a crowd of our closest friends for Valentines I knew the truth: the graft has taken and better days are here. To stay.